Start Ghit funding

Ghit funding

A £10m shape announced today puts Cardiff University at the forefront of cause into up-to-date grouping Semiconductor (CS) technologies.

The EPSRC story Hub in plan Compound Semiconductors will striving intimately with the Compound Semiconductor consistency (CSC) – a partnership describing Cardiff and usually advanced conductor wafer sort IQE.

Cardiff college coherence indication the Hub with tercet key academic partners: UCL (University College London), the tutor in of Manchester and the correction of Sheffield.

A further 26 initial companies and organisations allied to the Hub will give assistance capital and principality capitalise on the £50m CS Applications Catapult announced by Innovate UK in January.

Julie James, principality Government Minister for Skills and Science, said: “The Welsh must has innovation at the heart of its Strategy..." "We are committed to rustle up strategical interventions to support industrial sectors where cymru already has internationally constituted display and industrial expertise; where we have businesses capable of exploiting this knowledge and where loving is a innate global juncture potential." "The Hub impose take a global spotlight on cambria and is an example of how the Welsh Government's competent establishment to innovation will benefit the building block and businesses of Wales."Silicon once make stronger the large society, but the contraption is detection acute limits in the 21 Century.

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